Beautiful Hats

Designed and hand made, for you


Handmade by Lisa DS

Bespoke hats, made to your requirements.

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Material Matching

Every camera processes colour in a different way, as they have different sensors and imaging software. This means a picture of fabric taken with one phone will look very different to another. Screen settings on all digital devices also vary, changing the colours that appear on them.

Light makes a huge difference, so a photograph under fluorescent light is nothing like a photograph taken in bright daylight.

It is impossible to accurately match fabric colour in a photograph to material that I use for your hat. To get a close match, I need sample fabric well in advance, as I must allow plenty of time to secure the right fabric.

I'm sure everyone will understand, thank you,



Allowing Time

Handmade hats take time

Creating a dream hat takes time, so you will need to place your order at least 6 weeks before your event.